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Header pictures

Here are all the pictures that are in the header of this blog, with some notes about them:

Here is Adam at Plum Village in France.  We spent three weeks at this Buddhist monastery of Thich Nhat Hanh in the Summer of 2007.  This picture is taken beside a pond of lotuses with a characteristically Vietnamese bell tower in the background.

Here we are canoeing on the Dordogne river in France, near Beynac.  This picture was taken by a guy in a raft moored in the middle of this big river, taking pictures which were uploaded to a kiosk on the side of the river where you could stop and buy your picture.  Great business, and a great picture.

Versailles.  We spent the day here with a Costa Rican sister and brother pair.  Due to water restrictions at the time, they only turned on the fountains on rare occasions.  We hit it just right!

The Grand Canyon, September 2008

This is a jungle in Costa Rica near Monteverde.  We are preparing to go on a zipline through the forest.

Here we are in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Visiting the Bulnaraun of Clava or “Clava Cairns”, 4000 year old neolithic burial site near Inverness, Scotland.

View of the Moray firth, Forres and Findhorn bay

The nature sanctuary at Findhorn where Taize singing is held every weekday morning.