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Some people have wondered what we do in the car.  Sometimes we just look at the scenery, sometimes we talk and sometimes we do math and spelling drills, among other academic things.  But on the long hauls (the other day we drove for 9 hours), we most often listen to audio books.  It’s sometimes a challenge to find a book that isn’t too intense or advanced for Adam, but isn’t too juvenile for Zippy, and can still hold my interest.  We find that classic books fit that bill pretty well.

And then we discovered LibriVox, a source for free audiobooks.  They create audio books for public domain (out of copyright) books.  Each audio book they have is read buy a volunteer, or a group of volunteers.  We’ve listened to several books and most of the readings are very good.  We’ve only come across one that we couldn’t stand listening to.  We’re currently listening to The Swiss Family Robinson, and are really enjoying the story and the reading.

There are other sources of audiobooks, like checking them out at a library, or paying for a download at Audible, but we very much like the spirit of the librivox site.

So download a few for your next road trip.

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