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Getting to Costa Rica

When we first started the trip, it was quite an ordeal to get all of our stuff into our van.  I remember that I’d estimated what we’d keep for the trip and then when I tried to put it in the van, we had too much stuff, so it took all day to winnow it down and run the excess to storage.  Well, the same thing happened when we tried to whittle things down into just our backpacks.  But amazingly we were finally able to pack everything we needed in a backpack for each of us, plus an extra front pack for me.

We took the train from Lake Worth to Miami Airport.  The train was easy and so was the airport.  After a few last phone calls and text messages (the phone won’t work in Costa Rica), we boarded the plane and were off on the next leg of our adventure.

We were all excited to be landing in a new country.  Before we could get in, however, we got to stand in lines.  First for immigration to add another stamp to our passports (yay!), and then for customs where they were really just looking for agricultural products.  And their X-ray machine found our apples and they were confiscated, alas.

Speaking of which, we definitely overpacked some things, and food is the biggest culprit.  We have a lot of nuts, and  food bars for emergency snacks, but they’re certainly heavy! I’m looking forward to eating them up.

We had great instructions from our first Couchsurfing host on how to meet him, it included taking a bus into the San Jose city center, and then meeting him at a pizza place.  We got some money from the ATM and after some hanging out at the airport (which was safer and more interesting than a street corner in downtown San Jose), we hopped on a bus.  On the same bus we met another traveller, Cara, who gave us information on some of the beach towns, as she was on her way home to NY after being in Costa Rica for 9 days.  Just the sort of serendipitous travel encounters that we’re hoping for.

Our host, Marlon, met us just on time, and after getting Cara on a bus to her destination, we headed on a different bus to Marlon’s house.

I’ll write more when I can. But wanted to make sure you knew we made it.

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