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Update and Off to Costa Rica

Wow, it has been WAY too long since we have updated the blog.  I’m looking forward to things slowing down so I can catch up.  In the mean time, here is a quick update on what’s been going on since thanksgiving and what’s next.

  • We spent almost 2 weeks, including Christmas with the children’s maternal grandparents near Orlando.
  • We spent a week in Englewood, FL (south or Sarasota on the gulf coast) with our erstwhile friend Mrs. Solt and Noah and Oma.
  • We spent a night with a cousin in Sarasota, FL, who we just met on this trip
  • We spent two nights with a friend from Boulder who was visiting his parents in Lake Worth, FL (a connection we never would have made without Facebook).
  • We then explored the Everglades and camped there (bugs, snakes, alligators, oh my!)
  • 2 nights on the Keys, including one on Key West thanks to another cousin who we just met on this trip.
  • 2 nights in Miami with a friend from Tony Robbins’ work.  She rescues dogs, so we shared the house with 7 dogs and 22 puppies!
  • Now we’re back in Lake Worth, FL where we are preparing for our departure to Costa Rica.  We’re leaving our van and 90% of our stuff here, getting into three backpacks and taking off tomorrow.
During all of this my computer’s hard disk died and I lost about 2 months of stuff, but it looks like I had a backup of all the pictures and I think they came through OK.  Nevertheless, my computing has been very hampered, but I hope to be able to post some pictures soon.
And I will also write more about not only where we have been, but what we have been learning.  The trip, so far has opened our eyes to the inherent goodness of the world, has proven to us that amazing things are possible if we let them happen, that it’s OK to live in uncertainty (for a time), that fun can be had almost anywhere, and that things that don’t necessarily seem like fun at the time, can be the most bonding.
But right now, I must continue packing ;)

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