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Thanksgiving in Williamsburg, VA

Our travels have brought us to a nice place to catch our breaths at my parents’ house in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Perhaps, here I can catch up on the blog, among myriad other things!

We had a wonderful family Thanksgiving, with all the traditional foods and festivities, and we vegetarians cooked a Tofurky in juxtaposition to my parents’ turkey.  Adam actually tried the real turkey and said he preferred the Tofurky!

We missed being with our far-flung friends and relations (or are we the ones who are flung far?).  I enjoy thanksgivings with lots of people.  Nicely, a friend of my parents’ came to enjoy the dinner also.

Rachel and Noah sent us a lovely centerpiece, so their presence was with us and the distance keenly felt.

Zippy also made our traditional vegetarian Thanksgiving icon from some felt and a pineapple.  She did it with no pattern, and Adam created and added the wattle.  I told them they should start a business of them!

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