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Thanksgiving in Williamsburg, VA

Our travels have brought us to a nice place to catch our breaths at my parents’ house in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Perhaps, here I can catch up on the blog, among myriad other things! We had a wonderful family Thanksgiving, with all the traditional foods and festivities, and we vegetarians cooked a Tofurky in juxtaposition to [...]

George Washington Carver Monument; sleep in Springfield, MO

On our way from Kansas City to Springfield, MO, our CouchSurfing host, Dana, suggested that we stop at the George Washington Carver national monument as an interesting sight to see, and it was. This was George Washington Carver’s boyhood home.  The monument has been recently renovated and has lots of information about him and the [...]

Genealogy (and less important stuff) in NW Missouri

My grandmother was born in Chillicothe, MO.  And many of you know that I’m really interested in my family genealogy.  So I took the opportunity today to visit Chillicothe, MO and St. Joseph, MO to do some genealogical research. We started at the genealogy room of the Chillicothe Public Library, meeting with a genealogist there.  [...]

Lawrence, Kansas visit

We drove 9 hours the next day to Lawrence, Kansas.  This is a much longer drive than I’d normally like to make, but there wasn’t a lot we wanted to do between Colorado and our Lawrence destination (though there are a lot of things to see in Kansas if we’d had a lot more time).  [...]

On the road again

We departed Boulder tonight en route to Lawrence, KS.  We had hoped to get into Kansas tonight, but got a late start.  And then we ran into lots of blowing snow, fog, and slippery roads (who knew that Boulder would be so nice, and just an hour East it’s deep winter!?).  So after driving 40 [...]

“Home” for a bit

Today we arrived home in Niwot (near Boulder).  We drove all day from outside of Durango, CO.  We all got more and more excited as we neared familiar territory. We’re taking a couple of week break from our adventure to connect with friends, recharge ourselves, and figure out what the rest of the trip will [...]

Point Lobos

Today we visited Point Lobos, “The greatest meeting of land and water in the world,” and it sure was in our estimation.  We loved the landscape of the rocky coves and windswept trees.  We spent a long time just exploring the amazing rock formations being washed (away, in geologic time) by the ocean. Point Lobos [...]

Pacific Coast Highway

We drove from San Luis Obispo up Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway, to Pacific grove.  This could be a 3 hour drive, but it took us 9 hours because of all the fun stops we made. Our first stop was in Cambria at Moonstone Beach, where we spent at least an hour combing the [...]

Itinerary for the next week

We’re still in San Luis Obispo.  On Friday we will head up to Monterey and spend a few days there.  Then we’ll come back south, passing through SLO and maybe Santa Barbara and LA on our way to Sedona, AZ.

Zippy, I’m ready…

Zippy had an exciting moment today when she heard, “Zippy!  I’m ready to be wiped” from her 3 year old companion.  It was Zippy’s first experience helping a child in that way.  Joseph is out of diapers, but still needs a little help now and then.  Zippy was the one he chose to get that [...]