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Travel to Scotland

Today we left my parents’ house, said goodbye to the grandparents and travelled toward our destination in Scotland.  As seems to be the usual case, packing took significantly longer than I’d expected (hoped?) but we got on the road only 4 hours later than planned. Our friend Melissa brought us to the airport in Washington, [...]

Adam’s eye

For those that were worried, Adam’s eye is just fine now. It was itchy for a few days, but now is back to normal.

Orlando Attractions: Walt Disney World

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we are taking the opportunity to enjoy some of Orlando’s attractions.  Today we went to Walt Disney World.  By the generosity of a cousin-in-law, we were able to get into WDW on free passes (thank you!), because otherwise, I doubt we would have paid the $75 each! Zippy summarizes [...]

Orlando Attractions: Cirque du Soleil

We have been coming to Orlando for many years to see the children’s maternal grandparents and other family, but we have never partaken of the Orlando area attractions like Disney. But this year, since the children are older, and not so steeped in the world of Waldorf, it seemed like a perfect opportunity. First we [...]

First Movie in a Theater

Well, the time finally came on Valentine’s day to take the children to their first movie in a movie theater.  As most of you know the children have been going to Waldorf schools, where media use, especially television, is strongly discouraged.  As a family we’ve been following that advice and the children have only seen [...]

The other side of the coin in Ciudad Colón

It was a great experience to be welcomed to Costa Rica by a Costa Rican family.  Our next stay was with an expat family who have been in CR for over 20 years, so we got to learn about the country from another perspective. Sharon, Dick and Maia (19) live on a “finca” (farm) in [...]

Marlon’s house in Escazú, Costa Rica

Our first couchsuring host in Costa Rica, Marlon, was the perfect host.  How wonderful to be staying with a Costa Rican family!  The family consists of Marlon’s Mom and Dad, Marlon, and his sister, Laura. Marlon’s mom kept us well fed. Every meal in Costa Rica has rice and beans as part of it.  The [...]

Getting to Costa Rica

When we first started the trip, it was quite an ordeal to get all of our stuff into our van.  I remember that I’d estimated what we’d keep for the trip and then when I tried to put it in the van, we had too much stuff, so it took all day to winnow it [...]

Update and Off to Costa Rica

Wow, it has been WAY too long since we have updated the blog.  I’m looking forward to things slowing down so I can catch up.  In the mean time, here is a quick update on what’s been going on since thanksgiving and what’s next. We spent almost 2 weeks, including Christmas with the children’s maternal [...]

Reunited in Orlando

After 10 days of being apart, the children and I are together again near Orlando, Florida.  I had driven down to Florida to be volunteer crew at a Tony Robbins workshop in Orlando, and Zippy & Adam stayed at my parents’ house in Williamsburg, VA.  It was the longest I’d been away from them for [...]